Back-pain is such a common problem that everyone knows and everyone has felt it. Now, it can happen in any part and the reasons for this can be many. But the most common complaint is about lower back-pain. One of the major reasons for this is, the part under the back plays a very big role in maintaining the body. In such a situation, excessive stress is necessary, especially if the body weight is high. By the way, this pain can occur in different parts of the back, which is a common problem and often the effect of your lifestyle is mostly in cases.

Sometimes, while getting up, suddenly there is back-pain, like sometimes there is a glow in the waist after getting up from a jerk. Such pain goes away in 2-3 days. If you take a little home remedy, you get relief. But if there is a serious problem, then this pain can be very painful & can be stretched for many months.


When it comes to physical pain, back-pain can be seen most commonly in people. However, there can be many different reasons for this. If people with this kind of pain see a compulsive figure, then women have more problems than men. According to a research, “It is generally said that it affects women more than men, but this may be due to differences in perception of pain. Confirmation of the amount of such pain, and its Assessment cannot be done properly.


Everyone knows how many people have this problem in today’s lifestyle. If one glance is taken on the causes of back-pain, then it will be no surprise that our daily life is largely responsible for this problem. Lack of muscle flexibility and ligaments are primarily responsible for the majority of lower back problems. Usually, structural problems such as discs, arthritis, osteoporosis, and curvature of the spine also cause back-pain. Apart from this, there are many other risk factors, which further increase the causes that develop back-pain. In such a situation it is very important for us to understand which are the reasons. If you know the reason for the problem then it becomes very easy to solve or avoid it. So let’s understand the main causes of back pain:

  • Obesity, which is the reason for many other diseases also
  • Working in a stressful mental state
  • Performing extremely rigorous tasks physically, such as lifting heavy objects
  • Doing a job that keeps you physically inactive and you sit in one place for hours
  • Smoking, which is the reason for many other problems as well
  • Extreme anxiety or depression

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Apart from all these reasons, there are some reasons over which we have no control. Along with aging, diseases related to anatomical structure are highly painful, such as the breakdown of structures in the back that act as cushions between bones and discs. Whereas in the youth, back-pain caused by its related diseases such as arthritis is found more. Some researches also found the problem of severe back-pain in women during menstruation and pregnancy. There is also a big reason for this, with increasing age the bone starts losing calcium. If there is not enough calcium in the food, then the chances of back-related diseases increase.


It is 100 percent true that there is a way to avoid any disease or problem, that preventive measures should be adopted beforehand. There are many treatments for back-pain, but there are many that can prevent you from joining the category of people suffering from it.

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The best solution to almost all problems related to the body and its structure is to do regular exercise. Add about 30 minutes of yoga practice or some other physical exercise to your lifestyle every day. This will maintain muscle flexibility and give the body strength. Yoga and stretching exercises are very important to keep the waist and the entire body in a good mold.

One way to avoid back-pain is to keep body weight under control. Include healthy diet plans in your daily diet. Food that has a good combination of both macronutrients and micronutrients. Treatments for more severe back pain range from alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic to medications and in severe cases, surgery. If your body is overweight then pay special attention in getting up and sitting. Do not put extra pressure on your spine. While sitting in a chair or working at the computer, keep your sitting position right.

By the way, lower back-pain rarely requires surgery. Mostly mild back pain can be cured with the help of common pain relieving medication and some special yoga asanas. Overall, a healthy lifestyle is a great way to stay away from back pain.

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